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NDGS will help you develop quality skills to groom all breeds.  You choose the level of instruction that you need.  Whether you want to groom at home, be employed or start your own business our instructors will help you reach your goals.

Nebraska Dog Grooming School

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Learn dog grooming with the easiest and most complete step by step instruction. Experience hands-on techniques and groom at home or as a salon grooming assistant.    Become proficient with sanitation, bathing,  scissoring, nail clipping, ear cleaning and communication with dogs.  This course covers 30 breeds including the Terrier Group.

Our most popular class where dog lovers become professional groomers.   Here's where you'll change your dream into a career. Going beyond the basics this class focuses on styling for the majority of dogs that come to the grooming salon.  Included is the Teddy Bear cut and styling for drop coat, mixed breed and sporting dogs.

Train with specialists in breed specific grooming.  Transform poodles into works of art or make the Show Dog into a masterpiece.  Train in our facility and in local grooming businesses!  This course works with 20 breeds including Poodles and Bichon Frise.

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Now hiring PT groomers ready to share skills as instructors.  Apply online by submitting your resume' via email to

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